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Tasting Room is a warm and friendly, casual yet sophisticated, cigar lounge located just two miles from the states capital, Madison, in the heart of the city of Monona. Established in 1990's, the Tasting Room is a Monona staple that has evolved over the years from a liquor & wine store that sold cigars to the full experience that is Tasting Room today. With a space that boosts an extensive bar, perfectly curated humidor, and beautiful lounge & patio on the Yahara River, Tasting Room's newest transformation, occurred in 2019. Jessica and Jason Smith's (current owners since 2017) vision of creating a place were you can go to relax and enjoy some of the best parts of life ....

After you’ve perused our ever-changing extensive spirit list, selected perfect cigar from our meticulously curated humidor and allowed yourself to unwind a bit, feel free to make a friend or two. After all, we’re more than just drinks & cigars, we’re a community. So what are you waiting for? Drop by!

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